Brandon Smith | SEO Powersuite Testimonial

Brandon Smith | SEO Powersuite Testimonial
We've seen organic search engine traffic triple!
I am very impressed with SEO PowerSuite tools. Not only are the programs updated with phenomenal frequency to make sure we have the latest and greatest search engine intelligence, but new features are added all the time.

An excellent return on our investment. We've seen organic search engine traffic triple since using the tools to measure and improve our site.

Brandon Smith
Owner, OpenGate Software

SEO PowerSuite Search Algo Updates - FREE For 6 Months

Search Algo Updates is offered free for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Search Algo Updates is the industry-standard maintenance plan that keeps SEO tools up-to-date with the algorithms of 748 supported search engines. Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines are changing the way they process and provide data. So that you run SEO tasks uninterrupted, your software is constantly updated to comply with the ever-changing algos.

And we're particularly proud that SEO PowerSuite is the only software in the industry that gets adjusted to change immediately. While other software users are waiting a few days for the update, you keep working without even noticing any delays.

You get your first 6 months of Search Algo Updates for free. And then you get Search Algo Updates discounts depending on the time period for which you extend your subscription. Plus you get even bigger discounts if you own several licenses and extend Search Algo Updates subscription for all of them at once. See prices and discounts.

1. What is the SEO Powersuite Search Algo Updates for?

Performing particular Search Engine-related tasks (such as gathering backlink data, checking rankings, comparing competing websites, looking for link partners etc.) requires proper integration with the search engines. Because search engines algorithms change frequently, this feature cannot be hardcoded.

We are monitoring the search engines closely, and whenever the algorithms change, we adapt SEO PowerSuite tools to make sure you can always access the most current and accurate data from ALL the supported search engines (currently 748 of them). Such updates are called Search Algo Updates.

When you order SEO PowerSuite, you get a free Six months subscription to each product's Search Algo Updates. After this period expires, Search Algo Updates are offered for an additional recurring fee. (Bug fixes are provided free of charge for life).

2. What is included in the SEO Powersuite Search Algo Updates?

Search Algo Updates subscription currently consists of search engines algorithms updates for All The the supported search engines.

3. Pricing for the SEO Powersuite Search Algo Updates

Search engines analysis and program maintenance continues around-the-clock, 24/7, and requires a great deal of effort on our part. Therefore, we've introduced Search Algo Updates to provide you with an inexpensive way to stay updated.

Your tools will alert you when the Search Algo Updates subscriptions expire. When this happens, you will have the option to continue your subscription. Please note that staying updated to the search engines' algorithms is necessary to gather relevant data.

You can increase Search Algo Updates for different items at the exact same time and receive a good price reduction.

The Six months agreement will cost you less than 40% of the product's license cost at the time of purchasing the Search Algo Updates agreement.

Search Algo Updates for the full SEO PowerSuite pack (4 tools)

Professional Enterprise
1 month $19.95 $39.95
6 months $99.95 (=$16.65/mo) $199.95 (=$33.32/mo)
12 months $124.95 (=$10.41/mo) $299.95 (=$24.99/mo)
24 months $199.95 (=$8.33/mo) $499.95 (=$20.81/mo)
36 months $299.95 (=$8.33/mo) $649.95 (=$18.05/mo)