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Samuel Johnson | SEO Spyglass Testimonial

Samuel Johnson | SEO Spyglass Testimonial
SEO SpyGlass is the first backlink tool that has made a measurable difference in our website's rankings.
We were optimizing our pages on our own, but link analysis and building has proven difficult without a good tool &mdash and after a long search, SEO SpyGlass is the key. SEO SpyGlass is the first backlink tool that has made a measurable difference in our website's rankings.

We are starting to appear in the top 10 and 5 search results for phrases like "scrapbook software" — just using the free version.

Samuel Johnson
Front End Web Developer
Story Rock

SEO Spyglass

Secretly spy on the competition, learn how they do it, and then outrank them.

SEO SpyGlass software lets any webmaster create a winning optimization strategy that works within 30 minutes or less... and take your site from nowhere to be found to a top Google placement!

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These days the Internet is more of a marketing battlefield. Fierce fights for search traffic are going on in every niche with the contenders ready to struggle for every position in the rankings. Just like any war, online battles are impossible to win without a sophisticated intelligence. You can have all the weaponry you can get but it's useless unless you know what exactly is going on at the other side of the frontline.

Now SEO intelligence has moved steps further into the enemy camp with the breakthrough software. The name of this powerful competition analyzer is SEO SpyGlass and it'll be the cream of the crop in your online arsenal. Here's how you can get a can't-possibly-lose strategic advantage with this tool.

  • Discover backlinks to your website.
  • Find the BEST keywords to optimize your website for.
  • Learn how to beat the competition's PageRank.
  • See the Alexa Traffic Rank of every backlink to your site.
  • Easily see if your competition are buying site-wide links.

Still not convinced? With SEO Spyglass on your side, you have the advantage to blow the competition out of the water. Just check out these fantastic features which are going to give you the edge:

  • SEO Spyglass will show you which anchor text and page titles work for your competition saving you time and effort.
  • Uncover how many of your competitor's backlinks come from social media sites so you can match or surpass their strategy.
  • Figure out the exact value of backlinks coming into your rival's site and discover how much each link contributes to PageRank.
  • See if your competition are listed in DMOZ or the Yahoo Directory. Get your own listing and watch your traffic grow.
  • The program will tell you the age of every website that links to your competitor's site, instantly learning which mature sites you should be targeting for links.

While many things about natural search optimization are rather obscured there's one that remains crystal clear: To prevail you need quality incoming links. This is the only thing all SEO experts agree upon, probably because that's what Google and other search engine claim. In other words online success is pretty much about your link-building strategy. Links are the critical resource in online wars. The more link sources you get the better. And what does intelligence have to do with it? - Right. It discloses the secret link sources of your competition.

With SEO SpyGlass you get the fullest picture of where your top ranking competitors get their links from. You'll know more about their link-building then they do. In a mouse-click you will discover loads of valuable backlink data they would hate you to know:

Why don't they want you to know about it? Basically that's what keeps these guys at the top of the search results. Once you disclose this data their positions will become very shaky. They've been working hard for years to find all these link sources and you get them all at your fingertips in a matter of minutes. Unfair? Maybe, but again this is war and you just play by the rules.

So here it is: SEO Spyglass - the guaranteed way to outrank any website, in any search engine and for any keyword.

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SEO Spyglass will give you the edge you have been looking for with your own informant in the competition's camp. You'll wonder how you ever managed without this great link checking tool! Buy the SEO Spyglass program as part of the SEO Powersuite package and save a massive $150. If you're not satisfied, take advantage of our 30-day guarantee and get your money back!