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Dominic Halpin | Website Auditor Testimonial

Dominic Halpin | Website Auditor Testimonial
A very easy to use and priceless piece of software!
My Swing Band, 'Dominic Halpin & the Honey B's' now ranks at number 2 in Google UK and number 4 in Google US for the term I was using Web Site Auditor to rank for.

Before using this program it was hit and miss, this software now allows me to optimize my website perfectly. A very easy to use and priceless piece of software!

Dominic Halpin

Website Auditor

Discover the sure-fire way to optimize your website and secure rock-solid top Google rankings

WebSite Auditor provides you with personal SEO reports that guide you all the way throughout the optimization process. You get easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on optimizing your website that you can implement, even if you have little to no technical SEO knowledge.

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  • You've spent hundreds of dollars developing an incredible website.
  • You've spend hours implementing every SEO optimization tip under the sun.
  • You dream of a high ranking website, with hundreds - no, thousands - of visitors every single day. Every single one of them will want to buy your products or services.

The truth is that there is no such thing as luck when it comes to building a profitable website. The best webmasters in the world recognize the importance of implementing effective SEO marketing tools and techniques - white hat techniques that will encourage honest and profitable website growth. They know their craft and they are always successful.

The WebSite Auditor is one of the best website promotion tools you could possibly have on your side.

How does Website Auditor work?

The concept behind the development of the WebSite Auditor is very simple. In order to grow and surpass your top competitors you need to know exactly what they're doing. You want to look at their websites, analyze the techniques they're using, and duplicate the process on your own.
Google has the websites owned by your competitors ranked high for a reason. You have to figure out why.

Is the WebSite Auditor worth using?

Of course it is - and you don't need to be a SEO pro to use it, either. When you start using the system you'll be able to gather and review a wealth of information that will automatically enable you to tweak your onsite SEO optimization.

So what does Website Auditor really do?

  • The auditor shows you facts about your current website's SEO rankings.
  • It shows you the types of things that will make search engines like your pages as much as those created by your competitors.
  • The WebSite Auditor will show you exactly what your competitors did to earn their page ranks.
  • You'll learn exactly where on your webpage you should place the information Google and other search engines value most.
  • The system raises red flags to draw your attention to the areas of your website that need the most attention.

Bringing a website to a top-10 position for a competitive keyword in a strong niche can be difficult, but it's not impossible. The more you know about your site, and the sites owned by your competitors, the more effective you'll be at tailoring your SEO marketing strategies.
And we all know that great SEO placement equals profitability!

Website Promotion Tool Web Site Promotion Tool

Imagine Seeing Your Website Ranking in the Top 10 for any Keyword!

Most large SEO companies will charge you thousands of dollars to run reports like the ones the WebSite Auditor will give you - and in the end they won't give you nearly as much information. They'll throw a few numbers your way and then charge you even more money for a boatload of advice.

With the WebSite Auditor you'll see the same numbers as well as the information they're withholding.

  • You'll be able to analyze keyword density.
  • You'll be able to analyze where your most prominent keywords are and should be placed.
  • You'll be able to effectively analyze the source code on your website.
  • You'll gain a better understanding of your website's HTML elements.

And much more!

The WebSite Auditor is one tool every small business owner, PPC marketer, webmaster, blogger, copywriter, and website owner should own. It doesn't matter if you're an experienced SEO pro or a totally new marketer. As soon as you finish with the WebSite Auditor your site will experience exponential growth - guaranteed! Buy Website Auditor today as part of the SEO Powersuite program and save a huge $150!